Life Insurance for Dead People?

A letter from your company arrived in my letterbox yesterday addressed to my brother who has been dead for 5 years. Being somewhat warped I could see some black humour in the thought that you might be canvassing dead people to undertake life insurance. Of course others may not see the humour and be quite upset. I have been living in my brother's house since his demise and this is the first contact you have tried to make with him in years - so my curiosity is piqued as to why his name would still be on a mailing list after all this time? Does it not occur to anyone in your organisation to cull names from lists if there hasn't been any response after a considerable length of time? Then again, to look at it from a different angle, the sending of unsolicited material would once have been considered ill-mannered.

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  • Dec 1 2016
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