Your car insurance ad is offensive.

Your car insurance advertisement  is so offensive I would never use you nor would I recommend you to anyone else. Nor will I shop at Woolworths if I can avoid it.   There are many reasons why young men still live at home - health, mental health being the main ones. Not necessarily a matter of choice.   Every time I see your ad I am so appalled I have to mute it.  . All you are doing is making fun of dreadful situations and you just make things worse.  Your ad is not funny and is in such poor taste I cannot believe in 2017 that your ad person thinks it is appropriate. I did ring up and speak to someone who said he would pass on my views.  Who cares.  You just want to sell insurance.  No matter how hurtful and inappropriate the ad is.  Get your act together Woolworths. I have passed on my views.  I appreciate that you don't care but your ad person needs to be ashamed.

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  • Aug 30 2017
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    January 27, 2018 03:08

    100% agree. I want to kill my self because of this advert. Thanks Woolworths!